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    Alive arrival guarantee for TWO hours after delivery. Photo and video of the arrival condition needs to be sent by the buyer, to aluv4Lotls.com, within TWO hours of arrival. SO SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE HOME TO COLLECT THE DELIVERY otherwise the guarantee is void. We do receive a time stamp on delivery. If your axolotl arrives dead or dies within TWO hours of arrival AND you have followed all steps listed by the seller another axolotl with the exact morph (if available) will be sent but shipping of the new axolotl will be the responsibility of the buyer OR if the buyer requests a refund, one will be issued minus cost of shipping. PLEASE NOTE I ONLY SHIP OUT ON TUESDAYS and I ship through Ship Your Aquatics. I ONLY ship overnight or two-day shipping. This does cost more but it is better for a successful arrival for your baby. Local pick-up is also available, please message to schedule time and date. Your axolotl needs to fast before I can ship so please keep that in mind if your shipping is delayed until the following Tuesday. Adult axolotls will only be shipped overnight.

    Local pick-up has no guarantees.

    PLEASE make sure you have a cycled tank! Cycling can take weeks to months! Cycling is a must for the health of your axolotl. If you have any questions please message me!

    Babies- 3 inches eating blackworms, pellets, chopped pieces of red wigglers, and night crawlers. Frozen bloodworms as treats. Five inches and above are on pellets, night crawlers, and red wigglers.

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